Information Bulletin of Czechoslovak-Polish Solidarity

(Informační bulletin Československo-polské solidarity)

Complete digital version of the samizdat periodical

Nulté číslo časopisu Informační buletin Československo-polské solidarity z července 1988, zdroj: Libri prohibiti

Besides reporting on the activities of the Polish-Czechoslovak Solidarity initiative, this bulletin included information on the activities of opposition groups in Czechoslovakia and Poland, including the Committee for the Defence of the Unjustly Persecuted. Unlike the Biuletyn Informacyjny Solidarności Polsko–Czechosłowackiej (Biuletyn Informacyjny Solidarności Polsko–Czechosłowackiej) periodical, however, only two issues were published (in July and October 1988). Further publication of the bulletin stopped as a result of the arrest of František Stárek, who was responsible for its reproduction. Among the editors were activists from Prague (Petr Uhl), Brno (Petr Pospíchal), Wroclaw (Jarosław Broda a Mirosław Jasiński) and Warsaw (Wojciech Maziarski).

The digital versions were produced in collaboration with the Libri prohibiti library, where originals of the two issues are held.

Informační buletin Československo-polské solidarity - No. 0 (July 1988) (in Czech)
Informační buletin Československo-polské solidarity - No. 1 (October 1988) (in Czech)