Complete digital version of the samizdat periodical

Crown, 1989, source: Libri prohibiti

The periodical Koruna (the Crown) was the news bulletin of the opposition movement České děti (the Czech Children), founded in 1988 by Petr Placák and his friends. Three issues were published in total in 1989.

All the articles published in Koruna (the Crown) were reprinted in an in-house publication of the Institute of Contemporary History of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic with the title Nezávislá iniciativa České děti (1988-1989). Dokumenty (The Czech Children - an Independent Initiative [1988-1989]. Documents), produced by Jana Svobodová. In his book entitled Fízl (Undercover Pig) published in 2007, Petr Placák, the founder of the Czech Children movement, makes a detailed examination the initiative’s activities.

The digital versions were produced in collaboration with the Libri prohibiti library, where originals of the two issues are held.

Koruna - No. 1
Koruna - No. 2
Koruna - No. 3