Complete digital version of the exile journal

Mole, 1984, source: Libri prohibiti

Two issues of this exile journal were published by Charter 77 signatory and VONS member Jaroslav Suk in 1984 in Uppsala, Sweden. The focus of Krtek (the Mole) is indicated by its subtitle ‘alternative leftist opposition magazine’ – primarily it informed about opposition movements in the Soviet Bloc. In terms of content and form, the magazine was derived from the publication Informační materiály (Infomat - Information Materials), which was published in West Berlin between 1971 and 1982.

The digital version of Krtek (the Mole) was prepared together with the Libri prohibiti library which holds originals of all issues of the publication (A6 format).

Krtek No. 1 (Fabruary 1984)
Krtek No. 2 (August 1984)