Members of VONS

The 44 members of the Committee for the Defence of the Unjustly Persecuted are listed in alphabetical order. The number in brackets after each name and surname refers to the date that the membership of the given person was made public in the corresponding VONS communiqué.

Founding members also included Alfréd Kocáb (his membership was never made public), Jakub Trojan (his membership was made public on March 6, 1979) and Jaroslav Suk (his membership remained undisclosed until he went into exile on February 26, 1981).

Until June 19, 1979, Ervín Motl was also on record as a member of VONS, but this was not in fact the case and was later disclaimed by the person in question (originally he had been listed as a member on the suggestion of Rudolf Battěk). The VONS Summary Communiqué No. 195 of August 3, 1980, also lists Svatopluk Karásek, who was at that time already in exile, as a member of VONS; this was not actually the case. The same is true of Petr Brodský, who is listed as a VONS member in the Summary Communiqué No. 713 of December 10, 1987.

During the 1990s several VONS members gradually suspended or terminated their activities, among them Petr Uhl (he suspended his membership on March 15, 1992; he left the committee on March 24, 1993), Anna Šabatová, Lenka Marečková and Jakub Trojan. Milan Hulík and Jiří Gruntorád, on the other hand, became members after 1989. Since June 3, 1996, when the last meeting of members was held, all activities of VONS have been suspended.

List of VONS Members

Rudolf Battěk, photo: Jiří Bednář, source: Libri prohibiti Battěk, Rudolf (April 27, 1978)
Otta Bednářová, photo: Jiří Bednář, source: Libri prohibiti Bednářová Otta (April 27, 1978)
Jarmila Bělíková, photo: Jiří Bednář, source: Libri prohibiti Bělíková, Jarmila (April 27, 1978)
Václav Benda, source: Libri prohibiti Benda, Václav (April 27, 1978)
Petr Cibulka, source: ABS Cibulka, Petr (December 2, 1985)
Albert Černý, archive of Jiří Müller Černý, Albert (January 5, 1979)
Josef Danisz, source: Libri prohibiti Danisz, Josef (February 5, 1980)
Stanislav Devátý, source: Libri prohibiti Devátý, Stanislav (June 3, 1986)
Jiří Dienstbier, photo: Jiří Bednář, source: Libri prohibiti Dienstbier, Jiří (April 27, 1978)
Karel Freund, source: Archiv Karla Freunda Freund, Karel (June 19, 1979)
Zina Freundová, photo: Jiří Bednář, source: Libri prohibiti Freundová, Zina (June 19, 1979)
Jiří Gruntorád, source: Libri prohibiti Gruntorád, Jiří (August 1, 1994)
Václav Havel, photo: Jiří Bednář, source: Libri prohibiti Havel, Václav (April 27, 1978)
Zbyněk Hejda, photo: Jiří Bednář, source: Libri prohibiti Hejda, Zbyněk (June 19, 1979)
Milan Hulík, source: Libri prohibiti Hulík, Milan (September 9, 1990)
Martin Hybler, source: Libri prohibiti Hybler, Martin (June 19, 1979)
Přemysl Janýr, Archiv Přemysla Janýra Janýr, Přemysl ml. (April 27, 1978)
Ivan Jirous, source: Libri prohibiti Jirous, Ivan (May 15, 1981)
Alfréd Kocáb, photo: Jiří Bednář, source: Libri prohibiti Kocáb, Alfréd
Elżbieta Ledererová, source: ABS Ledererová, Elżbieta (April 27, 1978)
Ladislav Lis, source: Libri prohibiti Lis, Ladislav (July 7, 1978) Litomiský, Jan (March 6, 1979)
Václav Malý, source: Libri prohibiti Malý, Václav (April 27, 1978)
Marečková, Lenka (June 3, 1986)
Michal Matzenauer, source: Libri prohibitiMatzenauer, Michal (June 19, 1979)
Ivan Medek, photo: source: Medek, Ivan (April 27, 1978)
Dana Němcová, photo: source: Libri prohibiti Němcová, Dana (April 27, 1978)
Jiří Němec, source: Libri prohibiti Němec, Jiří (August 3, 1978)
Ludvík Pacovský Pacovský, Ludvík (April 27, 1978)
Jan Pavelka, source: Libri prohibiti Pavelka, Jan (June 19, 1979)
Petr Pospíchal, source: ABS Pospíchal, Petr (December 10, 1987)
Pavel Roubal, source: Libri prohibiti Roubal, Pavel (June 19, 1979)
Jan Ruml, source: Libri prohibiti Ruml, Jan (June 19, 1979)
Jiří Ruml, source: Libri prohibiti Ruml, Jiří (April 27, 1978)
Gertruda Sekaninová-Čakrtová, photo: Jiří Bednář, source: Libri prohibiti Sekaninová-Čakrtová, Gertruda (April 27, 1978)
Andrej Stankovič, source: Libri prohibiti Stankovič, Andrej (June 19, 1979)
Jaroslav Suk, source: Libri prohibiti Suk, Jaroslav (April 27, 1978)
Anna Šabatová, source: Libri prohibiti Šabatová, Anna (April 27, 1978)
Petruška Šustrová, photo: Vlastimil Třešňák, source: Archiv Petrušky Šustrové Šustrová, Petruška (June 19, 1979)
Jan Tesař, photo: Jiří Bednář, source: Libri prohibiti Tesař, Jan (April 27, 1978)
Jakub Trojan, photo: Jiří Bednář, source: Libri prohibiti Trojan, Jakub (March 3, 1979)
Petr Uhl, photo: Jiří Bednář, source: Libri prohibiti Uhl, Petr (April 27, 1978)
Zdeněk Vokatý, photo: Jiří Bednář, source: Libri prohibiti Vokatý, Zdeněk (June 19, 1979)
Věra Vránová, source: ABS Vránová, Věra (June 1, 1980)